Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Beneath the Frost - Primeval Majiks Part 1: Dawn of Man

Today, I started a new warband for Frostgrave. Let's see how long before I give up on this project.

As soon as I saw Frostgrave for the very first time, I had a clear picture in my head of how I felt the ancient city, its culture and architecture looked. To me, it was a wonder constructed solely with neolithic technology and crude magic. Now the city was being raided by parties of wizards who have lived in the ivory towers of the refined schools of magic. But there are still some, who remember the older ways. More brutal and chaotic certainly, but so much more powerful and with greater access to elder, forgotten gods and demons.

So when Forgotten Pacts came along, I was super excited to hear that the offical rules and background lined up nearly exactly with my own ideas. Better still, North Star would be releasing models perfect for that primative warband I'd been after.

As always, the first step in my project was to create an ideas board on Pinterest. Check it out:

As you can see they are going to have a clear influence from the pre-historic world of Hellboy (a long term favourite of mine). Into the mix will be thrown a bit of Eastern mysticism. A touch more Lovecraftian cosmic horror. And to cap it all off, I thought it would be fun for the wizard to be a chimp, showing that the apprentice is learning his art from one of the remaining 'first race of men'.

I wanted my warband to have a different starting feel to my other offers and so am going with this initial build:
  • Wizard
  • Apprentice
  • 2x Archer
  • 6x Javelineers
I don't know how effective it will be, but it will be fun to model and give me something different.
So, after picking up a box of plastic Frostgrave Barbarians these six WiP Javelineers are the inital fruits of my labours. Enjoy.

Left will be holding his javelins and howling intimidatingly at the enemy. Right is getting ready to throw.

Left is reaching for an additional javelin from the carrier on his back. Right is lining up a shot.

Saved the best for last. Left is reaching for another javelin and looking badass as he does it. Right is going to be readying his javelin for melee.

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