Saturday, 2 April 2016

Gaming Resolutions 2016 - Q1 Up-date

2016 is rapidly flying by. It's April already and so it's time to look at just how much I have achieved this year already.

Well, it's not going to surprise many of you to hear that I've had a less than successful year so far hobby-wise. Sadly, extra pressures at work have eaten into my spare time rather dramatically, leaving little time for anything else. However, since we've started, lets have a look at the specifics.

The Basics

  • Attend Phat Cats club and play a game an average of twice a month
  • Paint 50 currently owned miniatures, plus at least half of those purchased this year
[Update - On the plus side, I haven't purchased any minis this year. So I'm totally on track with that part of the target. However, I've been out of gaming for longer than I thought, so when it came to painting, I realised that I needed to replace most of my paints and resources. An added expense that has slowed everything down. On top of that I've not managed to make it to the club once in 3 months! So now I've got an up hill struggle if I still want to hit my target.

To up my game this next quarter, I need to start going to the club more frequently, this should also help build motivation for painting.]

The Specifics

  • Build a 4' x 6' GorkaMorka table
  • Build a 2' x 2' Frostgrave table
  • Build a 4' x 4' Old West table
[Update - There has been some (slight) progess here. As I generally prefer skirmish to massed battle, I like my boards to be quite terrain heavy. I've been experimenting for a long time on how to create a good looking functional desert board and I has finally started coming together. So, GorkaMorka and OW are underway.]

Out of the Comfort Zone

  • Enter the club's monthly painting comp at least 6 times
  • Go to Salute 2016 and at least one other event (not including Colours)
  • Sell some miniatures or terrain
[Update - No news here I'm afraid. It looks quite possible that I'm not going to make it to Salute either. We'll have to see.]

Quarterly Goals

  • Q1 Jan-Mar Construct a GorkMorka mob and take part in the club campaign
  • Q2 Apr-Jun Not yet set
  • Q3 Jul-Sep Not yet set
  • Q4 Oct-Nov Not yet set
[Update - As far as I am aware, there has been no GorkaMorka campaign yet, so I've not missed the boat yet. Though I am still stood in the ticket office.

As for my Q2 target, well, that's a little bit tricky to set as I've not managed any of my other targets. If one occurs to me, I'll be sure to post it.] 

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