Sunday, 3 January 2016

Start da Engines!!! - Part 1: Startin' a Mob

Time to grab me some boyz, as we prepare to land on Angelis.

As with all gaming projects my very first port of call was to collect research on a Pinterest board. Check it out:

I would not describe myself as a min/max player, but I do have a preference for the simple and effective. And this was going to be my plan to GM, but the rules encourage a more light-hearted approach. Then I saw this fantastic mob by NCODB and decided that my method for choosing would have to be 'one of everything'. Hence my starting list will be:

              Nob (Slugga, 'Uge Choppa) - 16 Teef
              Boy 1 (Slugga, Choppa) - 8 Teef
              Boy 2 (Shoota, Knife) - 7 Teef
              Boy 3 (Kannon, Knife) - 8 Teef

              Trukk - 20 Teef
              Driver: Spanner 1 (Knife) - 6 Teef

              Trakk  (Harpoon Gun) - 22 Teef
              Driver: Spanner 2 (Knife) - 6 Teef
              Gunner: Boy 4 (Six Gun, Knife) - 7 Teef

                                                   100 Teef total

I rooted around in my bits box, bought a couple of extra Ork kits and threw together a Nob and three boyz. They are still a WiP and will likely change a lot before being glued and painted.

I've put them on 20mm bases, to fit better in the Trukk and minimize the appearence of dragging sand around with them. I'm also going to magnetize all their arms to allow for weapon changes during the campaign.

Whilst I was experimenting with bits, I couldn't resist building this Ork yob. I imagine him to be the greenskinned Bansky. He'll probably join the gang at some point.

One more future investment for the mob will be these grotz and slaver I've had kicking around for years (decades even).

Now let's see if I can keep up posting once I'm back to work.

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